VRED Tutorials


VRED: INtro to Baking

Baking and UV mapping might be a foreign concept to you. This tutorial helps give a better understanding on what it is, what it's advantages and disadvantages, and examples on some of the different types. 


VRED: Adding Baked texture inside of VRED

This tutorial is meant for those who already have a good understanding of VRED. You can download the data set in my store for free and step by step I show you how to apply baked textures inside of VRED


VRED: Intro to Python

This gives a general intro into writing python code inside of VRED. You will need a basic understanding of python for this tutorial.

VRED: Connecting the HTC VIVE to VRED for VR

This tutorial helps guide you into connecting the HTC VIVE into VRED with python. It was written for VRED 2017.