Intro to Python

What is python

Python is a coding language that most 3D software use to "Open up" their tool set. The documentation is called an API, Aplication Program Interface. What this means is software like VRED, MODO, Rhino, they want to give their users the ability to write custom tools that help in their workflow. So they release a set of functions to help them achieve this

Why would you ever need to learn this?

This is something I hear all the time. Many people assume you need to have a 4 year computer science degree to do this. That is completely wrong, this is the most basic level of programming. My background is in 3D and design and I taught myself how to write these codes in about the span of half a year. I used Code Academy to get a basic understanding of python. 

The most common argument I hear is "Why doesn't VRED just implement them in their user interface?" Their is some truth to this, a software company should always try to simplify their user experience and understand their market. The reality is, you are looking at it through your own perspective. That problem you have is in a pool of thousands of other problems from the market. So you have a couple options, wait till your problem gets solved for you, (hint: You will be waiting a very very long time) or learn the basics of Python and get the ability to experience your vision today. 

A fair warning

I look at python now and see beauty and power. It gives me the ability to think of tools I want to use and build them today. That isn't the same look I gave it when it was all new to me. Programming is a world in it's own, and even though we will only need to learn the basics, that can seem extremely foreign to those who have never done any coding. I am hoping by making my lessons easy and with immediate results, it might get you interested enough to put in the effort to learn.