About Me

About me

My name is Raymundo Burgueno, I have been 3D modeling since I was 11 years old. I have had the pleasure of working in some of the best Automotive design studios in southern California. I have filled many roles inside of those studios. Working in all aspects of the Automotive digital design development.  Feel free to email me at Ray@Handlebar3d.com

Companies I've worked For

Fisker  - KIA  - BMW Designworks - Hyundai - DCC Volkswagen - Faraday Future - Autodesk - Karma Automotive - Art Center College of Design - Magrounds


Class A Modeling and Design Modeling

I have modeled full exteriors and full interiors. My style is Class A oriented, single span, theoretical edge, lead in, checking curvature combs, water tight modeling. 

Virtual Reality Design and user interface

I have designed and built every aspect of VR for the Automotive studio. Designed the VR user interface and wrote the Python script for Vred. Designed, modeled and textured 3D environments for VR presentation. I have given multiple talks at conferences on the subject. 

Algorithm Design

Proficient in writing algorithms with Grasshopper. Giving me the ability to model things impossible to do with traditional digital methods.