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Areas of Expertise


ALGORITHM Design Solutions

The future of design will be drawn in code. Algorithm based software like Rhino with Grasshopper unlocks potential never seen before  in design. I help my clients have an edge on their competition by making their designs stand out with real, math based design. 

VR USER INTERFACE Design and IMplementation

Handlebar 3D specializes in streamlining workflows and data prep to make VR simple and intuitive for our clients to use. I have given multiple talks on the subject and one of our first clients was Autodesk themselves. Helping them make their Autodesk University experience more intuitive and enjoyable. My systems are built to work today with high end gaming pc component. Making the price for hardware less than a typical workstation. 


3D Design, Cad MODELINGs and visualization

Working 6 years in the automotive CAD design sector, all my models are to the highest standards of CAD modeling. Water tight, curvature, single span, and extremely competitive timing and prices. We can model full exteriors and full interiors. I designed and built Electra to showcase the quality we provide.