Baking the Room


Converting our Materials to Phong

Right click on the material named Red_Wall. Click on Convert> To Truelight Material > Phong. We are using phong because it is a very simple material and it is easy to get our desired result with this. 

Adding our Baked Textures

Many people would think you add the baked texture into the diffuse texture but I use a different method. It is a bit unorthodox but I get the desired result. Feel free to play around and see what result you like the most. It is a bit complex and you need all the steps to make it work so I made them into a list.

  1. Go to Incandescence tab and change intensity to 1
  2. In the Incandescence tab move the color tab all the way to the right 
  3. Apply the appropriate texture, in this case Room.png
  4. Change the mapping type to UV
  5. Now go down to the Common tab and under Lighting mode change to Direct Light

Complete all the walls. 

Here we see how the file looks after we did the same thing to every wall. Even though they are all using the same room texture, they have different shaders. Since each wall has its only glossy and diffuse color, when we shine a light on them, they get the right type of look and feel. This is way we made it so only direct light effects the shader. Since we already baked in the look of the walls, that's the only type of lighting we need to effect our scene.