Basics User interface 

A basic intro into what grasshopper is and how to start using it. 

Pattern DESIGN

Making patterns and graphic design elements is simple and can really make any project stand out. 


Using images as the driving force that controls our Algorithms. 

Deconstructing the BMW Vision Next Frit Line

Deconstructing the Renault Trezor Hex Surface

Designing SpaceShips with Grasshopper

Designing Spaceships with Grasshopper

Links to Learn

Modelab Grasshopper Primer

One of the most valuable free sources out there to start understanding Grasshopper. I highly suggest going through every singe page to understand what grasshopper is and how you can use data management to make incredible parametric designs.

AAD Algorithms-Aided Design

I really wish I had this book when I had just started learning grasshopper. It would've saved me about a year of scratching my head. 99 percent of every question I get emailed is answered and explained in this book.