Electra 2.0

Electra 2.0

Feel free to post these images in your social media or website as long as you give Handlebar 3D credit @HB_3D. Any use of these images to represent your own company and similar services Handlebar 3D LLC provides will be considered copyright infringement. 


What is Electra?

A marketing Vehicle 

When I started my business all of the work I had done in the previous 6 years of my career were hidden in servers inside of car design studios. Electra has helped my company branch out of my personal network, making my brand more visible and my reach for potential clients broader.  

A calling card 

Electra was designed to showcase advanced surface design and quality. Electra is a way for me to show what I can do and at what level I can do it.

An example of 3D design workflow

Electra was completely designed in 3D. I used Alias to design it and VRED to analyze it in VR. My art is in 3d, my workflow is in 3d, I wanted to make a point that you can make something beautiful using non-traditional  workflows.

A platform for Parametric Design

Parametric Design is a game changer for the design industry. I use Electra to showcase my latest algorithms and sell my services to design studios. 

An Educational Vehicle

Electra has helped educate many young men and women on proper modeling technique through my Youtube channel. I will never charge a cent for my videos or tutorials.


What is the future of Electra 

Electra was made for the sole purpose of helping me find clients. It has succeeded in it's main objective and anything after that is really just icing on the cake. Here are more images of the latest iteration of Electra. Please forward all business inquiries to Ray@handlebar3d.com. Thank you for taking the time to see Electra. I hope you liked it.