Main Attraction


The Star of the show

Even though in this example this is just a common ball. This ball represents what would eventually be the car. This means we need to treat it differently than the others. We have the ability to use  all of our tools to make him look special. I have included in your download the white sphere texture but right now we will ignore it. If you accidentally already textured this sphere, don't worry too much, we will shade it again later on the lesson. 

Giving it some form

We are going to add Ambient Occlusion to just the sphere. The problem with using these type of environments is that it will darken anything inside them. So when you are using VRED as a way to bake on Ambient Occlusion, all you have to do is hide anything you don't want effecting your sphere or car. So far our case, go to the scenegraph and hide the node labeled room. Then go to our environment node and under the SKY node, make the shadow plane visible. 

Bake in the AO

Select just the white sphere and open the Bake Light and Shadows toolbar. It is located in the menu bar go to Scene > Bake Light and Shadows. For this example I made the settings super high since it's such a simple scene. Make sure the only thing selected it the sphere and click on calculate all.